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We started this blog with the primary intent of informing and helping people of India, and if applicable, the rest of the world, in matters of Taxation, Commerce and Accounting. The information and knowledge provided, is from a point of view, so there is the fair possibility of bias creeping in. However, we have attempted to keep all the posts apolitical in viewpoint.

If you wish, you should cross check any claims of ours, with the actual sections, rules and laws of the Act. You alone are responsible for everything that you claim in your accounts and tax returns, and that is why you sign the same.

We are willing to answer your questions and queries, but they should be in a polite and logical manner. No attempts to be rude to anyone, from the author, to other viewers should be made.

We are also willing to allow any polite discussion, as long as it is polite and apolitical in nature, and in the matter of information and query, rather than imposing views upon others. Condescending tones are not invited.

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